FALL INTO READING Historical Edition #FallReading @Books_n_pearls #bookpromo

FALL INTO READING Historical Edition #FallReading @Books_n_pearls #bookpromo

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FALL INTO READING Historical Edition

I love fall. As I’m evolving as a blogger and event organizer, I’ve been trying to come up with unique twists to my events. I decided that it was time to go bigger, longer, and wider for my fall extravaganza. Why just focus on one genre, holiday & date, when I can kick off the changing leaves, back to school activities (more Mommy time!), and cooling temps with a big event? So I’ve gathered quite a few of my friends, discovered a few new ones who need some exposure, and even realized one person I know as a blogger is also an author.

This weekend kicks off the Historical Edition. The Blog Links will each feature a different author, and you’ll find the genre’s coordinating Rafflecopter linked at each post so when you leave a comment, you can submit an entry for commenting on that blog. And to top it all off, there will be events each of the three weekends with some of our authors; more fun & more prizes. So don’t miss a chance to win. Thank you for following. I hope you fall into a new favorite, because as the temps become more tolerable for outside reading, you’ll need new material.
The Blog Hop authors and the Blogs they will be featured on

Featured Authors (Historical)⇔ Participating Blogs
Alison Stuart⇔Aubrey Wynne
Aubrey Wynne⇔My Own Little Corner
Caroline Lee⇔Pukah Works / Meet the Author
Demelza Carlton⇔Haley Whitehall
Elizabeth Ellen Carter⇔Warrior Woman Winmill
Haley Whitehall⇔STANDARD ISHUE–Katie
Jena Baxter⇔books are love
Margaret Madigan⇔Ms. Stuart Requests the Pleasure of Your Company
Shehanne Moore⇔Angela Scavone – where everyday life meets a little romance



Dozens of Prizes. Visit the participating blogs (shown below) to comment for your contest entries.

If the Links to the Fall into Reading Posts do not appear below, please visit here for more featured authors: http://wp.me/p5p8oj-1qo

a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. I really love this idea. Can’t wait for the events.

  2. I’m really excited about all the events and the chance to discover some new authors.

  3. Too bad… I hate rafflecopters. Too many things to click on and it always seems a waste of my time, so I never enter them. Just saying… Make giveaways easier…

  4. I do love your site though and everything you all do for writers. You bring readers and writers together and as an avid reader with an insatiable hunger for stories, I thank you. 🙂

  5. what fun and thanks for the contests and other info. Happy fall

  6. Live on here blog hop giveaways!

  7. Looks like great sights and fun time

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