Book you need to read! FIGHTING WITH FAITH by Nikki Ash #CoverReveal & #Preorder

Book you need to read! FIGHTING WITH FAITH by Nikki Ash #CoverReveal & #Preorder


Fighting With Faith

Cover reveal and preorder!


Fighting With Faith is available to preorder for only .99 cents!

by Nikki Ash

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Growing up, my parents were the embodiment of love. The perfect example of soul mates. And with that ideal I couldn’t wait to find my true love.

What I didn’t realize was that just because you love someone doesn’t mean they are capable of loving you back.  

The day I met her my entire world shifted on its axis and I knew she was the one. The problem was, how do you convince someone they are your soulmate when they don’t even believe in love? There was a time I believed that love truly conquered all, but now I’m losing Faith.


My mom once said, “Love isn’t concrete. It’s an emotion and emotions are abstract. They change. You don’t make decisions based on something abstract because if you do, you are setting yourself up for failure.”

I didn’t understand her words at the time. I was young and in love and if you had asked me to define what I was feeling it would have consisted of words such as affection, warmth, happiness, butterflies, happily ever after.

Now after experiencing heartbreak firsthand my definition of love is a bit different. It consists of words like messy, heartbreak, waste of time, unrealistic, fake.

Until I met him. He reminded me of all the words love felt like before my heart was broken. He wanted to show me the beauty in the abstract but all I could see was the concrete.


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Early Review by Books N Pearls

I LOVED this story. Once I started reading, it was impossible to stop. Bentley and Kayla were dynamite. I admit, I was a tiny bit apprehensive because the story jumped back and forth in time, but it was flawlessly done and it made sense for the story to be told this way. Kayla’s first boyfriend used her to get her in bed and then heartlessly did a lot of mean things. Kayla’s mom gave her a big “I told you so” speech, telling her that Love was not a reason to be with someone. Her parents are in a “business partnership,” not a real marriage, and try to teach Kayla that she needs to find a “partner” not someone to love. So my heart broke for her, being raised this way. As she gets older, she uses men and moves on to keep her from being hurt again. But Bentley knows from the moment he meets her that she’s his girl, forever. He might be good looking, but he’s got a heart of gold and I was rooting for the two of them to work it out the whole time. This is definitely a must read for the romantic. Highly recommended. I received an advance copy for review, but this did not change my opinion.

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