Beach Reads in August #StuckInBooks BlogHop: My thoughts on FairyTales

Beach Reads in August #StuckInBooks BlogHop: My thoughts on FairyTales


My FairyTale Obsession

When thinking about beach reads, my mind automatically goes to two different directions. One: Vacation romance. By that I mean Main Character goes on vacation, meets person of dreams, and falls in love. They’re usually instantly attracted to each other without a whole lot of buildup to the relationship. They are fun every once in a while, usually very light reading.

The second place my mind always goes is the Fairy Tales. Why? I read to escape reality. I don’t get to take vacation time, so my escapes are via reading and movies. Fairy tales do exactly that. I’ve always had a secret longing to be in my very own Beauty and the Beast story. I think it has become one of my most treasured fairy tales. From the Disney version to Beastly by Alex Flinn to more adult re-tellings of the tale, I seem to love them all without even trying.

Which leads me to the series I’m going to take a moment to rave about. The Everland Ever After books by Caroline Lee. This series has me absolutely entranced. They take the fairy tales and put them in the old west. They aren’t just your usual “take a character with traits of a Fairy Tale character and put them in your setting.” No, these do something that I really find unique. The characters in the story ARE the fairy tales; Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzelle, Cinderella, and the Stepmother with a supporting cast of people you’ll recognize from all over your childhood. Add in the fun and values of the old west, and I think they are just absolute winners.

So if you love fun, fairy tales, and great story mixed with the mystery of figuring out who all the characters are from your past, this series is just fantastic. Women to admire, men that make your heart flutter, and intriguing tales. Can’t ask for more in a summery escape.

I’d love to hear what your favorite fairy tale is in the comments below.

everland series

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